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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

At Island Computer, we provide IT and Data Backup services to businesses no matter what type and size in Ireland. We provide your business with a backup solution, by supplying a service to avoid permanently losing your important files, emails and programme settings.

We provide an efficient service to protect and manage your information ranging from data storage, hardware and software solutions to give you customer satisfaction and reliability. Whether you are using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS, we cater for all enviroments and can help you backup and restore your data.

We can evaluate, identify, confirm the fault and root cause.

  • Easy storage solutions tape drives, disk drives, external hard drive, memory pens etc.
  • Cloud computing - Therefore you can access your files at the office or at home 24/7.
  • Set up user accounts to manage important data.
  • File recovery solution
  • Help you understand and retain your documents
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