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How Secure is your device ??

published 20/09/2012

How secure is your device?

More and more people now carry a Smartphone in their pockets, either an IPhone, Samsung, the latest HTC or similar device and in addition to this the presence of an Ipad, Laptop is usually close-by. In general mobile users tend to be casual regards the security of their devices and when questioned the reply usually is, “sure there really isn’t much on it”
The theft of Mobile devices, laptops is on the increase; over 700,000 phones were reported stolen last year in the UK. If we compare the current selection of mobile phones to what was available 10 years ago, mobile devices now store and process much more data, simple processing of emails, ability to capture images & video, download music, and with the development of Apps for almost everything, more and more personal data is now stored on these devices.
Mobile computing and the ongoing development of Apps for smartphone certainly make everyday life easier, from checking the weather, to reading news feeds, chatting with friends and colleagues. Apps nowadays can even tell you the actual location of the person phoning you or their whereabouts. Most of us tend to be unaware of what information is actually on our devices until the device has been lost or stolen, very simple steps can be taken to minimise the misuse of data in the event of theft or you simply lose your device.
We tend to be creatures of habit and use the same password or PIN number for everything. This is down to sheer convenience. You would be surprised how many people use their date of birth, child’s name or simply the name of the family Pet with the number 1 after it i.e. Rover1. As specialist in IT Security we suggest Password and PIN numbers be changed regularly and also use encryption software on mobile devices so in the event of theft you will have peace of mind your data is secure. This also applies to Laptops and Netbooks and more importantly Memory/Storage Devices. How many of us have a memory stick with Family Photos, possibly CV & Job applications, college or work projects saved on them?
At Island Computers we take Data security seriously. More and more of our clients are now encrypting there data in event of misuse or corruption, and there is a growing need to apply the same to home computing & especially mobile devices such as Smart Phones. Some of the major brands of Smartphone have apps that allow you store your data in a “ Vault” type environment which require additional passwords to allow access along with a web portal that the user can login and remotely wipe the contents of your Smartphone in the event of theft or loss. Clouds storage is ideal and reduces the need to carry Memory/Storage Devices.
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Island Launch New Web Site

published 23/04/2012

We had nothing to do so we decided to finally get a website

Are you Ready for Windows 8?

published 20/04/2012

Windows 8, the next version of Microsoft Windows operating system is expected to be released later this year.  Based on the our research, there are several major updates to Windows 8 that could make it a very compelling upgrade for businesses and individuals. The good news is that this newest version will require the same hardware specifications as Windows 7, so that new computer youmay have just purchased will not suddenly be obsolete when Windows 8 comes to market.  However to enhance the performance of this new Operating system from Microsoft we do suggest a minimum of 4GB of Ram - 8Gb or 16Gb would be ideal should your system accommodate this large configuration of RAM.

While that has been welcome news to many, the other good news is that software and, more importantly, devices like printer drivers and other similar software required to run all the devices that you connect to your PC will also work with Windows 8 out of the box. Since the introduction of the first main stream version of Windows, Windows 95 in 1995, some of the new versions of Windows have raised havoc with software, printers, scanners and more. Microsoft has clearly learned from these mistakes and Windows 8 will not repeat them. There’s been a lot of chatter about Windows 8 since Microsoft released its consumer preview on February 29th in Barcelona. 

Island Computers are lucky to have previewed the software at a recent Microsoft event and we have it installed on a workstation for testing. The New Windows 8 is very different to Windows 7 – it’s a completely redesigned operating system ideally built for tablets, Netbooks & Touch screen devices/phones as well as traditional PCs. Its server counterpart, Windows Server 2012, is being developed right alongside it, and will provide the back-end network services that Windows 8 will rely on.

Windows 8 carries the biggest graphical interface change since Windows ’95 with their new “Metro” interface. This is a brand new user experience, with groupings of tiles that represent programs instead of menus.  YES the START Button is a thing of the past!!

The New Operating system can be previewed & downloaded from

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