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Servers & Storage

A server is nothing more than a computer hardware system operating to run on one or more services or basically a computer programme running to serve the requests of other programs aka the “clients”. Compiling information data from a serious of computer through one network including file sharing.
NAS – Networked Attached Storage, device is nothing more than file sharing. It allows more disk storage space and also to serve as the users of many other computers that is on the network, gathering information etc.

Windows Storage server 2012 is a networked storage application. It can help reduce the cost on storage and is highly reliable for example your database needs.

There are many types of servers to be found from Application server to Web server. Web server (HTTP) helps deliver web information and content that be accessed through the internet. 

Other servers include:

  • Communications Server
  • Database Server
  • Fax  Server
  • Email Server
  • File Server
  • Name Server
  • Proxy Server
  • Audio Server
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