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Virtual Computing

As your business expands, your IT requirememts may also change. The Introduction of addition servers for special tasks or the intergration of Accounts systems with CRM or SQL databases or simply hosted E-Mail ocasionally may require a dedicated server environment.

Software is dependant on speedily high performance hardware where unexpective purchases and capital outlay may be not possible. Virtualisation is a possible solution. This allows the build of several server setups on the one box along with several benifits.

The downside of Virtualisation is like having all your eggs in one basket, when there is a hardware failure you may be left with nothing. reductanacy is crucial, having hotswapable PSU, Drive Arrays, NIC card is the minium.

It's important to note, if you plan to go down the path of virtualisation purchasing the best possible high performance server you can afford is a must from the outset. Vmware & HyperV are 2 commin platforms used today.

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